About VT Group

Established in 2014, VT Group is a parent company of VT Solutions Co., Ltd. and Vision Group Co., Ltd. With offices in China, Taiwan, and Thailand, VT Group cover varied business areas inclusive of Media and Marketing, Event Organizing, Travel Online Booking, IT Solutions, Business Researches, and Consultancy. Currently, VT Group is recognized as one of the most influential Digital Chinese Media with focused solely on Thailand.

Our Brands

The broadest Chinese marketing service provider in Thailand

Our Services

We are dedicated to making your business more notable in Chinese-speaking communities inside and outside Thailand.

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Some of our valued clients

5 years and counting, we have created numerous content for many recognized businesses in Thailand. 

Our Founders

"Difficult but not impossible"

Your Effective Gateway to Chinese-Speaking Markets

Give Chinese-speaking people a chance to know more about your brand. We provide free consulting about the Chinese-speaking markets.