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| On 2 years ago

5 Critical Advantages of Chinese Advertorial Content

By K H

If someone asks me what marketing trends for 2020 are, the first thing I can think of is ‘Content Marketing’. Like it or not, “Content Is King”, and it will still be for many more years. As a marketer, I guess you great understanding about the benefits of content marketing, so I am a bit surprised that you still read this article. 

But you are right, in this article, I will not demonstrate the benefits of content marketing which you already know. Instead, I will give you some critical insights about ‘Chinese Advertorial Content’ for your Chinese Marketing Plan.

Below, you will see 5 Critical Advantages of Chinese Advertorial Content provided No.1 Chinese Media in Thailand.

1- It helps you establish brand awareness not only in China but all the Chinese-speaking markets.

Advertorial content is one of the effective methods in making people know your brand more. With total followers of more than 600,000 people in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand, VISION THAI can help you build brand awareness through it Advertorial Content. More than that, VISION THAI not only provides Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, but the media does both for you. 

2- It gives critical and reliable information to your prospect customers.

Another essential purpose of advertorial content is to provide information that helps readers or customers make the right purchasing decisions. As a well-established Chinese media focused on Thailand, VISION THAI is believed to provide reliable information about Thailand. With high endorsement from its audience, VISION THAI can help you deliver valuable information about your brand to your prospect or current Chinese-speaking customers through advertorial content. 

3- It acts as an official guideline for other media and influencers.

As soon as your brand starts to get recognized, media, bloggers, influencers, might want to write about you. In this case, they may contact you directly or do some online research about your business. With good content quality and high amount of followers, VISION THAI can easily be selected as a reference by those influencers. 

4- It builds Chinese SEO

What’s excellent about advertorial content or content marketing is that it makes SEO for your business. With VISION THAI, you can enhance your Chinese SEO very quickly because they have many promotion channels, including website, FB, and Weibo. As mentioned earlier, other related media or bloggers may want to write about you after reading VISION THAI’s articles. If they do, your SEO will also be enhanced very speedily.

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5- It creates conversions  

The ultimate goal of marketing is nothing but making sales. Advertorial content or content marketing is a tool in ‘Reverse Marketing’, a marketing concept of changing from “helping sellers to sell to helping buyers to buy”. Advertorial content helps customers to know more about the product so that they are more confident to purchase. If you have the right products, promoting them through a compelling yet informative advertorial content will help you sell in the end. 

Content marketing is powerful and applicable in every market. If you want to target Chinese-speaking markets, consider Chinese content marketing. As a well-established Chinese media focused solely on Thailand, VISION THAI is your most suitable partner. If you are interested to know more, we are more than happy to talk with you.