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Native Content Versus Advertorial Content

By K H

You must have seen the sentence, “Content is King” as it is very synonymous among marketers. According to Forbes (2019), content marketing will still be a very effective marketing strategy for many more years. However, the word ‘content’ is just too broad to discuss since there are many types of content, both textual and visual. Therefore, this article will discuss only two types of content which every digital marketer should be very familiar with. They are Native Content and Advertorial Content.

Below, you will see the similarities and differences between Native Content and Advertorial Content, and when you should use each of them. 

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Before making the comparison, let’s see the definitions of both types of content from some marketing experts. Native content is a piece of content that you pay a website to place it on. Some people may call it ‘sponsored content’. Similarly, advertorial content is a piece of content written by the website to fit with their audience. They are both sponsored content, but advertorial content appears more natural than native content.


  1. They are both paid content.
  2. The purpose is to promote brands or products.


  1. The brand writes native content, while the media write advertorial content.
  2. Advertorial content looks more natural than native content, thus could attract more impressions.
  3. Advertorial content is more expensive than native content.

Choosing which one to adopt depends on two critical things, skills and budget. If your company has good inhouse editors, native content will save you some money. On the other hand, if you do not have one, just let the media’s editor take care of the whole process. You give them critical information along with your advertising objectives. Also, it depends on the budget you have, as well. If you have a small budget, native content would be just fine. 

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