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| On 2 years ago

What Is VT GURU and Why Is It Important for Your Chinese Marketing Strategy?

By K H

Chinese-speaking market is a vast market, and undoubtedly the most significant international market for many businesses in Thailand. Targeting the market is a right decision of every marketer. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of time, skills, and money to penetrate the market effectively. Therefore, not many businesses in Thailand can enter the Chinese-speaking market successfully. 

As a Chinese Digital Media focused solely on Thailand, VISION THAI come up with the idea that can help more Thai companies to enter the Chinese-speaking markets (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Malaysia) efficiently. To do so, VISION THAI develops an online directory website called VT GURU, which currently is the only online Chinese directory solely focused on Thailand. 

Below, you will see five critical advantages of VT GURU that can help your business get into the Chinese-speaking markets.

1- Accurate Target Audience

As VT GURU is only about Thailand, its audiences are undoubtedly those who are interested in Thailand and plan to visit the country. Not only Chinese-speaking tourists, VT GURU’s viewers can also be the Chinese ex-pats living in Thailand. VT GURU gives the audiences useful information about many exciting areas, including international schools, hotels, attractions, hospitals, and more. VT GURU provides official information filled by Thai business owners and edited by native Chinese editors. That is why it becomes one of the trusted sources of information about Thailand for Chinese-speaking tourists and ex-pats.

2- Mobile-Friendly Interface

As you may know, mobile has become the most used device for internet users. Similarly, 70% of VT GURU audiences use mobile to get into the platform. Therefore, we develop a mobile-friendly interface for VT GURU by using Responsive Web Design. From doing so, we make it easy for readers to read and follow, and it will make them stay longer on the website.

3- One-Page Chinese Website

VT GURU is nothing but your cost-effective One-Page Chinese Website. It provides every detail that your prospected customers need to know about you, including your Chinese name, contact details, operating hours, direction, and more. Creating your Chinese website is costly, and getting traffic to it is way more painful and expensive. Therefore, putting your business on VT GURU is a lot better method to enter the Chinese-speaking markets. It is also an effective way in building Chinese SEO for your brand.

4- Attractive Yet Critical Content

On VT GURU, you can put up to 15 photos of your business to give audiences a more profound image in terms of what to expect. Mote than that, VT GURU lets you provide five highlights of your business with an informative summary written by professional editors. Through VT GURU, we ensure that your prospected customers receive adequate information about you from “getting to know you to using your services.” VT GURU can also be a channel to bring traffic from Chinese markets to your marketing channels such as social media and website. 

5- Two Chinese Languages (Simplified and Traditional) 

To enter the Chinese-speaking markets, every marketer should be aware of the fact that the Chinese language is divided into Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and Malaysia, while Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. To cover all four countries, VT GURU provides both languages which enables your business to reach more audiences. 

Again, entering the Chinese-speaking market is very costly and requires high expertise. There are many ways to join the marketplace, such as creating your social media (Chinese FB, Weibo, WeChat), but it would cost you much money. Therefore, VT GURU is an excellent start of your journey to build brand awareness as well as your Chinese SEO.