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What is Content Seeding? When and How Should You Do It?

By K H

“Content is King” is quite synonymous among digital marketers. The question is, will it still be king in 2020? The answer is, not only in 2020 but in many more years to come. One great content can build a successful brand awareness as it goes viral. When talking about ‘Virality’, there is a phrase called ‘Content Seeding’.

Content seeding can be internal or external. Internal Seeding is a process in which you use your own channels to share your content, while External Seeding is when you pay other channels to share or publish your content. If your primary purpose is to build brand awareness, External Seeding may be your most effective strategy. External Seeding requires some budget to do, and digital marketers should be careful when and how to do.

Below, you will get the ideas of when you should adopt Content Seeding and how to do it effectively. 

When Should You Do Content Seeding?

Talking about ‘When’, we are not focusing on what day or month but your marketing purpose. If you have the following purposes, putting money on seeding strategy is nothing but a right marketing decision.

1. When your primary purpose is to build brand awareness

Every company wants to build brand awareness because it is the first stage of every new purchase. However, building brand awareness is most suitable when you enter new markets or introduce new products. Therefore, if your brand is already well-established in the market, keep your marketing budget on improving your internal channels. 

2. When you want to enhance SEO

As digital marketers, our most familiar task is probably to achieve good SEO, and content seeding is perhaps the best way to make good SEO. Because through Seeding, we can publish our articles on many blogs, some of which would have good SEO ranking. Plus, the more of the same article published online, the more likely it is that the article will appear on the first page.

3. When you want to bring traffic to your marketing channels

Content seeding can also bring traffic to your channels. While it’s expensive to do, it gives you many benefits. However, it depends on the quality of your content as well as the partners that you work with. Having your official information published on the low-profile blogs or websites may make your brand appear in lower profile as well. Therefore, doing the content seeding properly does not only bring traffic but also promote your brand as well.

So How to Do It Correctly?

When you decide to do content seeding, there are two critical things you should highly focus on, including the content quality and the agency you choose to work with.

1. How to create good content worth for Seeding

I am not saying a good content should be readable, visually impressive, and stuff. A compelling content that is worth for you to do Seeding should achieve two essential objectives, SEO and Brand Prominence.

  • SEO: Not many agencies will redefine your article for better SEO, so you have to do it yourself. Use your ideas and do some research to find the right keywords for your articles. 
  • Brand Prominence: Brand prominence is the extent to which a product has visible markings that help ensure observers recognize the brand. In general, promoting your brand too much in content is not a great idea, but luckily, it works in content seeding. Content Seeding makes your article widely reachable, so that’s a great chance to let people know your brands.

2. How to select the right agency for Content Seeding

The agency that you should work with must possess three critical things, including strong network and transparency.

  • Reliable Network: To know whether an agency has a strong media network, you can see from their portfolio. To do so, you can ask the agency to list at least ten popular websites or media that your article will be published on if you work with them. If they can tell and give you a guarantee, you can work with them.
  • Transparency: The agency that you should work with must be able to update the real-time status of the Seeding until the KPI is reached. The report must be clear and make sure all the links are reachable. Before working with an agency, make sure that you see their report pattern, and it would be perfect if they give you a real sample.

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